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Professional Long Island Security Camera Installations

Security Camera Installation

Our wiring specialists provide professional security camera installations in the Long Island area. We sell and install low-voltage cable wiring cameras that can help prevent loss from happening to your business. That's because we are the local wiring contractor to call on whenever needing an upgrade, installation or troubleshooting service for your security system. You'll never need to worry again over the working condition of your cameras because when they're installed or repaired by us; they'll be in good and professional hands.

Convenient Scheduling

It doesn't matter what your camera needs are; a nanny cam or just security for the home; we can install it. We will hand each project quickly and discreetly. We can work around your schedule because we realize how hectic life can be.

Feeling Safe & protected

Wireman Cableman knows that security cameras can make such a big difference in the home or place of business. You'll feel more protected in your Long Island home and not feel threatened in your business knowing that a professional handyman installed your low-voltage wiring properly.


With over 25 years of experience; we can honestly say that we know what we're talking about. We'll work closely with you and evaluate as well as identify your security needs. There are lots of camera options available in today's market.


When it comes to securing the home or business; there are lots of cameras available to you. Which one best identifies your needs? That all depends on what you want them for. Depending on the budget, risks and goals of the company; a local security system can minimize the risks and threats associated with theft and burglary.

Types of systems:

  • Controlled access
  • Alarm systems
  • Closed-circuit camera system
  • Gated entryway
  • Card readers

Night and Weather Protection

There's a lot that a security camera can do for you. Although they are known to protect store and business owners during normal business hours; they can also help whenever no one is around. Even after hours a business still needs to remain protected.

A night vision camera can detect intruders with such clarity. With distinguishable imagery and detailed surroundings; this is the camera that will for you as opposed to against. Also, modern security cameras can be put outdoors to detect parking lot activity and not be harmed by the weather.

For details on how you can get your security camera installation; call 631-667-9473 (WIRE) and Wireman Cableman will come out to provide you with a top-of-the-line system. From now on; you will no longer need to worry about your business during and after operation. We can also assist in troubleshooting!

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Recent Reviews

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"Very professional and came on time, Dave did an amazing job installing security cameras in our home. He was knowledgeable about his work and made suggestions that wind up working better for us, also very fair priced compared to other quotes I've received. He is coming back to mount our TV in den, we loved his clean work and will recommend him to anyone.
-Happy customer"

| Rated: 5/ 5

If you are looking for a security camera installation in Long Island, then please give us a call at 631-667-9473 (WIRE) or 631-667-9473 (WIRE) or complete our online request form.