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Amazing Long Island Flat TV Mounting

Flat TV Mounting

If you are considering purchasing a flat-panel LCD screen TV or smart TV, then you should also be considering flat TV mounting for it. Mounting it onto the wall will eliminate the barrage of wiring that TV's tend to leave behind as well as open up more space. Your rooms will look trendy and chic with television mounting done by our wiring pros. A majority of people start off with placing their televisions on a stand with the high hopes of mounting it on their walls later. If you're in that stage of your life that you're ready to upgrade; call us today.


It is very important to think about where your flat or plasma screen TV will be placed. It will need to be placed in relation to your related equipment such as the cable or satellite box as well as surround system, DVD player and game console.


We perform our mounting projects safely for the homeowner because we know how dangerous working with wiring can be. Although we work with low-voltage wiring systems; projects still need to be completed by professionals.

Many installations get done haphazardly and wind up costing the homeowner more than they intended to pay in the first place. If you're looking to save a few dollars in Long Island, then hire Wireman Cableman for the mounting job and prevent your TV and related devices from failing you.


You don't just install a TV onto a wall without careful planning. We take into consideration all of the problems that can happen and go over them before the installation. A handyman from Wireman Cableman will get the job done professionally and in a timeframe you need it to be done.

The following considerations are made in the planning stages:

  • Hiding wires
  • Safety
  • Viewing locations
  • Placement of equipment

How to Choose a Mount

Choosing a TV mount for your flat or plasmas screen is not as easy as you'd think that it would be. Making the right decision about which TV mount you purchase is about how you actually are going to use the television, in which room and size.


  • Cost
  • Placement
  • Size of TV
  • Equipment
  • Size & Weight

Check carefully, before buying a new television this season, for the weight and size. It will be mounted onto your walls and if it cannot hold the weight; you're going to be majorly disappointed. For the right type of mount and flat TV mounting; you can always count on Wireman Cableman to get the job done right.

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"We were extremely pleased at the work done at our club house in Plymouth Estates at Mt. Sinai. We needed major cabling, rewiring, tv mounting over a brick fire place, sound system, dvd player all with major components that needed to be integrated in a cabinet 75 feet away, with all wiring concealed. We would recommend Dave Wireman for his knowledge and quality of workmanship."

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If you are looking for flat TV mounting in Long Island, then please give us a call at 631-667-9473 (WIRE) or 631-667-9473 (WIRE) or complete our online request form.