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Professional Outdoor Television Installations in Long Island

Wireman Cableman installs outdoor TVs including the popular SunBrite TVs. Outdoor TVs are designed to handle rain, snow, dust, insects, salt air, humidity and extreme temperatures.

Sunbrite Tvs

Outdoor Tvs

Outdoor TVs

Many Long Island homeowners hire wiring contractors to install outdoor televisions in their screen rooms and patios so that they’ll be inspired to spend more time outside and in outdoor living spaces. In an outdoor room, you can gather with friends and family around the TV while enjoying cool breezes, fresh air, and warm sunlight. If you schedule an outdoor television installation with Wireman Cableman, our wire repairs specialists can help you choose a high-quality, durable outdoor TV for your porch or patio.

Factors to Consider When Installing an Outdoor Television

Wire repairs professionals recommend that homeowners install their outdoor televisions in areas that aren’t in direct sunlight. However, outdoor televisions with extra-bright display features can be purchased. Look for outdoor TVs with efficient built-in heating and cooling systems and performance reviews that indicate their ability to withstand moisture and humidity.

Contact Wireman Cableman to speak to our skilled wire repairs technicians about the various features of outdoor televisions and to learn how an outdoor television installation is completed for optimal operation in your Long Island home.

Why Can’t You Use an Indoor Television Outside?

Long Island homeowners should take the time to research outdoor televisions because indoor televisions aren’t suitable for outdoor installation. Indoor TVs aren’t made from components that can withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, salty air, and sunlight. Additionally, indoor TVs produce a peak brightness of only 350-450 nits, or units of luminance, but outdoor TVs produce a brightness of 600-700 nits.

One of the biggest reasons to install an outdoor television instead of an indoor television on your Long Island screen porch or patio is that placing an indoor TV and its cords and cables outdoors can pose an electrical hazard. To avoid electrical complications with your outdoor television installation, consult with trained professionals to discuss outdoor television options and outdoor TV safety features.

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If you are looking for Long Island outdoor TV installation, then please give us a call at 631-667-9473 (WIRE) or 631-667-9473 (WIRE) or complete our online request form.