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Understanding HDTV Resolution in New York

HDTV's provide a much better image that is clearer and sharper than other TV's due to the higher resolution. Okay, what does this mean ' pixels are the way in which resolution is measured. Older TV's were viewed with 300,000 pixels, whereas HDTV's are viewed at around one to two million pixels. The more pixels you have the better image quality.

When you are looking for a HDTV, you will want to know the resolution of the screen as well as the video source, which is your cable box or just your DVD player. Both of these are very important for the quality of your images. Remember, you want a high resolution so your images will be more life like.

When you look at HDTV's they have what is known as fixed pixels displays that means they use a specific number of pixels to create the images on the screen. This is the same for all HDTV's. Each one will have a fixed pixel display that will allow those looking to purchase to known the highest level of image detail that television will be able to create. The majority is in 768p or 1080p, but there are a few that are 720p. These can be displayed in different ways besides with a number and the letter p, such as 1366 by 768 pixels. The first number is the resolution you will see horizontally and the second is the vertical resolution. If you want to know the total pixels a TV can produce, you multiply the first and second numbers. Just remember, the more pixels, the better quality image you will see on the screen.

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