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The Top Reasons to Choose Long Island Satellite TV

Satellite Advantages

If you have or have ever had cable TV service, you may have felt stuck with the local company that provides service in your neighborhood and not having another alternative company to try. Something nice about Long Island Satellite TV is that there is more competition in the market for you to select from. In addition, satellite operates differently from cable service and there are several advantages to satellite TV. Give satellite TV a fair chance if you are looking for a new TV service.

Equipment You Need

To get satellite TV, you need a satellite dish and a receiver box. The satellite dish receives the For satellite TV service you need a receiver box connected to your television and a satellite dish on the exterior of your home. The dish receives the TV programming and then transmits it to your receiver box. The receiver translates the signal and turns it into a picture and sound on your TV. The programming and channels that you subscribe to are programmed into the receiver and send the appropriate channels to your television. Another feature of satellite TV is the on-screen guide to channels and programming. You can also get a satellite receiver that works with HD channels and has a DVR inside it.

Equipment Quality

A DVR is also known as a digital video recorder. The way people watch television is changing with the technology of a DVR. When you have a DVR, you can watch TV when it is convenient for you and schedule your favorite programs to record. The DVR works like a DVD player or a VCR but the receiver has a built-in memory and stores several days worth of programs.

New technology has brought satellite television a long way. The first satellite dishes were very large and ugly and would typically take up a customer's backyard or front yard. Dishes used today are compact and discreet. They are usually mounted to a roof edge or on the side of a consumer's home. They are aimed toward the satellite in space, so they must be placed in a spot with a clear view to the satellite in the Earth's orbit.

Best Programming

Another advantage of satellite TV is that you get more than just television programs. Many satellite packages include access to XM and Sirius radio stations. Several packages also include the option to watch your favorite programs on your computer or laptop, so you have access to TV anywhere you have an internet connection.

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