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Benefits of Cat6 Wiring for Long Island

Once only seen in an office and in the geek's homes, today a net of some sort may be discovered in lots of Long Island homes. An influx of the digital devices into the normal lives saw a use of the networking become more outstanding than it used to be. You will see them connecting all the manner of the things together sharing the resources such as internet connections or sharing the photos, music, flicks or the information between them. For some of you this may lead to the many problems but one which comes up with time and time is what the difference between the Cat5 and the Cat6 wire.

While the Cat5 cable has been almost for some years now the more updated and modern version that is Cat6 wire has become humdrum. It is developed to deal with a demand of a modern digital time in which you live with the gigabit speeds at the minimum and up to 10 times which are on the offer. Whereas Cat5 wire may manage till 100mbs that in its day was measured fast. There is also another choice which is the reinforced version of the cat5 cable called cat5e cable which provides large speeds of 1000mbs and much big integrity than the previous version.

Normally time's folks think that by plugging the quick network cable into the equipment which you will see in better performance. This is the long way as the network is only as quick as slow component so if you will employ the Cat6 cable then you will not see a blazingly fast 10 gigabit data transfer which you were wanting unless you are the other appliances and are able of transferring also at that rate. Look wise cat5e and cat6 are identical to cat5 cable but there are some inner changes which provide good speed and security. If the gear will support a more current cat6 cable or you are upgrading the existing appliances then select Cat6 wiring for Long Island

If you need help updating your existing system to Cat6 wiring, then please give us a call at 631-667-9473 (WIRE) or 631-667-9473 (WIRE) or complete our online request form.