Long Island Cable Installation

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  • Should I Upgrade to CAT-6 Cable in New York?

    Category 6 Cable, or as it is sometimes referred to, CAT-6, is a certain cable that is standard for Gigabit Ethernet and some other network protocols that prove to be backward compatible with this cable and category 3 cables. Cat-6 has more severe specifications for system noise as well as crosstalk. The standard of the…

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  • New York Telephone Jack Installation

    Installation of ¬†telephone lines should match your requirements. Quality of service and reliability are the most important factors to be considered. Other than that lead times and installation, price should also kept in mind. The cost will be variable for each business, depending on the type of telephone line you require. After installation, maintaining telephone…

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If you are looking for a Long Island wire repairs expert, please call Wireman Cableman at 631-667-9473 (WIRE) or 516-433-9473 (WIRE) or fill out our online request form.

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